Community College First-Year Member Application

Instrumentation of the Mustang Band includes piccolos, saxophones, trumpets, marching horns, baritones, trombones, tubas, and percussion. All drum line members march, including snares, tonal basses, marching toms and cymbals. Instruments of the Mustang Band are matched and provided to the student without charge, other than repair liability.

Auditions for membership/scholarships can be completed in person or by cassette tape or CD. On-campus audition dates should be arranged by contacting the Mustang Band Hall at (214) SMU-BAND. Audition cassette tapes or CDs may be returned with this application. Recorded auditions should be 3-5 minutes, including two-octave tongued, B-flat and chromatic scales, and a brief movement from a solo (jazz improvisation is acceptable), which demonstrates tone, good intonation and technical accomplishment. In addition, trumpets and trombones should demonstrate upper range. Percussionists should include rudiments and demonstrate mallet facility where applicable.

Band applications, either online or through the mail, are accepted throughout the year and into the summer. There is no official deadline. Auditions are scheduled throughout the spring semester and through early summer. If you are not mailing in an audition tape or CD, an appointment needs to be scheduled for your audition which can be done by calling the band office at 214-768-2263 (214-SMU-BAND).

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Upcoming Events

  • August 16: Band Camp Begins!
  • August 22: Performancae at Stampede, 5:00 pm
  • August 25: Performance at Convocation, 5:45 pm


Did you know...

The Mustang Band has over 32 uniform combinations. The band has blue, red, and candystripe jackets and vests, blue and white slacks, and blue and red ties.