General Information

Founder's DayThe Mustang Band is the most visible performing ensemble at Southern Methodist University. Noted as The Best College Band in Kirk Dooley's Book of Texas' Bests, the band is made up of a diverse, devoted group of men and women from all around the SMU campus. Nicknamed The Hub of SMU Spirit, The Mustang Band is a close-knit organization that seeks to uphold its' tradition of providing a great entertainment experience.

Size/Instrumentation -- The band features 90-100 members playing brass instruments, percussion, saxophones and piccolos. All instruments are provided by the band.

Music Style -- With roots in Jazz performance established by Cy Barcus in the 1920's, the Mustang Band has continued this tradition. Additionally, the band incorporates other popular music styles, all arranged with a classic Mustang Band sound.

Uniform -- Known as The Best Dressed Band in the Land, the Mustang Band has 32 unique uniform combinations.

Requirements for admission -- The Mustang Band is open to any student enrolled at SMU who plays an instrument. You need not major or minor in music. Students enrolled at a local community college mayalso apply to become a member of the band.

Membership Procedure:

  • Complete and return a band application.
  • For scholarship consideration an audition must be arranged at a mutually agreed upon date or a taped audition must be submitted.
  • Must arrive on campus roughly one week before Mustang Corral begins in August to take part in the band training period.

Activites and Highlights

  • Football games, pep rallies, and basketball games.
  • Pigskin Revue - A variety show presented each year at Homecoming, featuring the Mustang Band and SMU student performers.
  • Various special events, both university and community related, in and about the Dallas Area.
  • Travel to bowl games and basketball tournaments.

Rehearsal -- Rehearsals are Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 2 PM, and Thursday from 7 to 9 pm, for a total of 5 hours per week. Run-throughs are held prior to each home football game.

Cost -- There is an annual uniform cleaning fee. Additionally, new members will need to purchase a few uniform parts that are yours to keep. Costs for instruments, travel, band camp meals, etc. are covered by the band and/or the University.

Scholarships -- Scholarships are available and are awarded based on playing ability and the instrumental needs of the band. An audition is required to obtain a scholarship; the audition should consist of a chromatic scale and a solo, etude, or excerpt that showcases the player's ability. The scholarship is renewable as long as the student remains a member in good standing of the band.

Upcoming Events

  • Various dates in July: AARO
  • August 16: Return to campus and begin Band Camp!


Did you know...

The Mustang Band has over 32 uniform combinations. The band has blue, red, and candystripe jackets and vests, blue and white slacks, and blue and red ties.