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Building skills useful in Your Career:
There are opportunities to plan meetings, organize career guidance events, hone your public speaking skills, and even plan a National Conference. If you present a paper at the National Conference, you will gain visibility for yourself and your company. Being active in a professional organization can show your manager that you have the initiative to take on more responsibility.

Experience of other Members:
Meeting women from other companies and even reading about the careers of successful members in SWE, the magazine of the Society, can provide you with role-models and possibly mentors. Within your local Section, you can receive advice and even first-hand testimony on issues like getting promoted, sexual harassment, and balancing work and family.

SWE offers many opportunities to make contacts at large and small companies. Members often contact other SWE members at potential employers before interviewing to get inside information about the company. When you consider all the mergers, spin-offs, and divestitures that are occurring, a network is a necessity.

Effect on your career:
SWE can be of benefit when you need to make a career change. In addition to your local Section, there are nationwide resources to help you with your job search. Send in your information to the SWE Resume Database, or use the job-hunting service from the SWE web page. The annual Career Fair, held during the National Conference is another great place to find a job.

It's fun to get together with SWE friends. Some meetings are technical and some are planned simply for socializing. Some Sections have judged Mr. Engineering Pageants and even brewed beer.

You can add to your business knowledge with seminars like "Conflict Management" and "Professional Presence". Members can supply details about graduate schools, companies, and career changes, too. SWE is a resource on many issues for women in engineering. Check out the information available from this web site!

Time for Yourself:
Don't you deserve a night out every once in awhile? At local meetings, you can converse with a peer group that is hard to find at work or in your neighborhood.

As women engineers and scientists, we can sometimes feel isolated in the workplace. SWE gives you a feeling of belonging, with members to reassure you that you can succeed.