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Recommended Readings for International Advertising and Advertising & Society

>International Advertising<


Cateora, Philip R. and John L. Graham (1999), International Marketing, New York, NY: Irwin McGraw-Hill.

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Technology and the World of International Marketing Communications, available online at www.iaaglobal.org.

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>Advertising & Society<

Advertising as an Institution
Carey, James W. (1989), "Advertising: An Institutional Approach," in Advertising in
Society, Roxanne Hovland and Gary B. Wilcox, eds., Lincolnwood, Illinois: NTC
Publishing Group, 11-26.

Rotzell, K. B., J. E. Haefner, and S. R. Hall (1996), Advertising in Contemporary
Society: Perspectives Toward Understanding, Chicago: The University of Illinois
Press. (R)

Advertising and the Economy
Calfee, John E (1998), "How Advertising Informs To Our Benefit," Consumers' Research, April, 13-18.

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The First Amendment & Commercial Speech
Trager, Robert and Donna L. Dickerson (1999), Freedom of Expression in the 21st Century, Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge Press.

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Advertising Regulation …Consumer Attitudes
Fueroghne, Dean K (2000), Law and Advertising, Chicago: The Copy Workshop.

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Overview of Social Issues
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Ethics in Advertising
Stankey, Michael J. (1989), "Ethics, Professionalism, and Advertising," in Advertising in Society, G. B. Wilcox and R. Hovland, eds., Lincolnwood, Illinois: NTC Publishing Group, 419-436.

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Images and Meaning in Advertising
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Children, Gender, and Advertising
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Ethnic Minorities in Advertising
Tharp, Marye C. (2001), Marketing and Consumer Identity in Multicultural America, Sage Publications, Inc.

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Controversial Products and Advertising
Saffer, Henry (1996), "Studying The Effects of Alcohol Advertising on Consumption," Alcohol Health and Research World, 20, (4), 266-272.

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Under-Represented Audiences: Elderly, Disabled and Gays in Advertising
Benet, Suzanne, Robert E. Pitts, and Michael LaTour (1993), "The Appropriateness of Fear Appeal use for Health Care Marketing to the Elderly: Is It OK to Scare Granny?" Journal of Business Ethics, 12, 45-55.

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Journal of Advertising Research, New York; Jan/Apr 2000; Vol. 40, Iss. ½, 75-85.

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men's community?" Journal of Advertising, Spring, Vol. 28, Iss. 1, 25-37.

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relationships," Psychology & Marketing, Jun,Vol. 17, Iss. 6, 493.

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consumers' responses to homosexual imagery in ads," Journal of Advertising, Winter, Vol. 27, Iss. 4, 9-26.

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Tharp, Marye C. (2001), "Gay Americans: Sexual Orientation as Community Boundary," in Marketing and Consumer Identity in Multicultural America, Marye C. Tharp, ed., Sage Publications, Inc., 213-241.


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