PERE 5000-005, PERE 5112-001





·       Directorship: Tommy Tucker will remain as the Interim Director. A search for a new director has been restarted, hopefully to conclude around Spring Break.


·       Class Schedule: Rehearsals are scheduled every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2:00 pm in the Band Hall beginning January 19, continuing through the end of the semester or until further notice. Cancelled classes will be posted as early as possible. Standing or occasional class conflicts should be reported to the Director as soon as they are known.


·       Performances:  Basketball: There are a total of 12 basketball games (men’s and women’s) scheduled during the semester. Each wind player will be required to attend a minimum of 7. We will discuss with percussionists what will be their role(s).

A 29-piece band will attend both the Men’s and Women’s AAC Basketball Tournaments, to be held at Dickie’s Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. Personnel for this band may change daily; details will be finalized as the date gets closer. The Women’s Tournament runs from March 7-10, and the Men’s Tournament runs from March 10-13.

                  Any NCAA or NIT appearances earned by either team may necessitate an accompanying 29-piece band. Details TBA, but all members should be prepared for participation.


Other events and/or appearances may arise during the semester. Details will be announced as they are solidified.

The list of performances and appearances (as of January 3, 2022) is attached. For the DEA events, we must have a representative band (i.e., all sections covered).


·       Grading: Grades will be based on: Class (rehearsal) attendance; attendance at required performances; adherence to requirements for extra performances. Failure to comply with the Mustang Band and SMU Student Code of Conduct and the SMU Honor Code will negatively impact grades.


·       Communication: Please continue to use emails and Slack as the primary means of communication. Texts will be utilized only when necessary.


·       Other Considerations:  The Mustang Band will not tolerate any form of Sexual Harassment or Hazing. (For definitions, please see the SMU Student Code of Conduct.) 

Any need for Disability Accommodations should be requested through the proper offices.

Absences for Religious Observances must be requested in advance.

Medical Absences or absences for COVID-19-related protocols should be reported to the Director immediately.

A list of additional Student Support Resources and SMU Syllabus Requirements is attached.


·       Contact Information (Office hours to be determined):

                                    Tommy Tucker

Email: or

                                    Office Phone: 214-768-3270

                                    Cell Phone: (Please use only for texting or for emergencies) 214-475-6969









                  MWF        2:00-2:50 pm                              Mustang Band Hall





DATE                          TYPE         TIME                           OPPONENT/EVENT                    LOCATION                                   NOTES

Wed., Jan. 19            WBB         7:00 pm                     UCF                                               Moody Coliseum


Fri., Jan. 21                DEA           10:00 am                   Gift Announcement                  Ford Stadium                              Volunteer Band


Sun., Jan. 23             MBB         3:00 pm                     Wichita St.                                   Moody Coliseum


Wed., Jan. 26            WBB         7:00 pm                     USF                                               Moody Coliseum


Sat., Jan. 29               MBB         5:00 pm                     Temple                                         Moody Coliseum


Sun., Feb. 6               WBB         2:00 pm                     Houston                                       Moody Coliseum


Wed., Feb. 9             MBB         6:00 pm                     Houston                                       Moody Coliseum


Wed., Feb. 16           WBB         7:00 pm                     Memphis                                     Moody Coliseum


Sat., Feb. 19              WBB         2:00 pm                     Tulsa                                             Moody Coliseum


Sun., Feb. 20             MBB         2:00 pm                     Memphis                                     Moody Coliseum


Wed., Feb. 23           MBB         7:00 pm                     Tulsa                                             Moody Coliseum


Wed., Mar. 2            WBB         7:00 pm                     Temple                                         Moody Coliseum


Sun., Mar. 6              MBB         2:00 pm                     Tulane                                          Moody Coliseum


Mon., Mar. 7 – Thu., Mar. 10                                      AAC WBB Tournament             Dickie’s Arena, Fort Worth, TX


Thu., Mar. 10 – Sun., Mar. 13                                     AAC MBB Tournament             Dickie’s Arena, Fort Worth, TX


Mar. 14-18                                                                      Spring Break                                                                                     NCAA? NIT?


April – TBA                                                                      Band Banquet                            TBA


Fri., Apr. 8                 DEA           10:00 am                   Dedication                                  Washburne Soccer Stadium    Volunteer Band


Fri., Apr. 15               Holiday                                        Good Friday


Sun., Apr. 24             DEA                                               Possible Event                            Omni Hotel, Dallas                    Volunteer Band


Sat., Apr. 30 ?           Concert    TBA                             Concert                                        Van Meter Plaza                        Full Band



Call time for basketball games will be 45 minutes prior to tipoff.



Syllabus Addendums


Title IX and Disability Accommodations


Disability Accommodations

Students who need academic accommodations for a disability must first register with Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies (DASS). Students can call 214-768-1470 or visit to begin the process. Once they are registered and approved, students then submit a DASS Accommodation Letter through the electronic portal, DASS Link, and then communicate directly with each of their instructors to make appropriate arrangements. Please note that accommodations are not retroactive, but rather require advance notice in order to implement.

Sexual Harassment

All forms of sexual harassment, including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking, are violations of SMU’s Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and may also violate Texas law. Students who wish to file a complaint or to receive more information about the grievance process may contact Samantha Thomas, SMU’s Title IX Coordinator, at or 214-768-3601. Please note that faculty are mandatory reporters. If students notify faculty of sexual harassment, faculty must report it to the Title IX Coordinator. For more information about sexual harassment, including resources available to assist students, please visit

Pregnant and Parenting Students

Under Title IX, students who are pregnant or parenting may request academic adjustments by contacting Elsie Johnson ( in the Office of the Dean of Students, or by calling 214-768-4564. Students seeking assistance must schedule an appointment with their professors as early as possible, present a letter from the Office of the Dean of Students, and make appropriate arrangements. Please note that academic adjustments are not retroactive and, when feasible, require advance notice to implement.


SMU Requirements


Religious Observance

Religiously observant students wishing to be absent on holidays that require missing class should notify their professors in writing at the beginning of the semester and should discuss with them, in advance, acceptable ways of making up any work missed because of the absence. Click here for a list of holidays.

COVID-19 and Other Medical-Related Absences

Students who test positive for COVID-19 and need to isolate, or who are notified of potential exposure, must follow SMU’s Contact Tracing Protocol. To ensure academic continuity and avoid any course penalties, students should follow the same procedures described by their instructors as they would for any other medical-related absence in order to be provided with appropriate modifications to assignments, deadlines, and exams.

Excused Absences for University Extracurricular Activities

Students participating in an officially sanctioned, scheduled university extracurricular activity should be given the opportunity to make up class assignments or other graded assignments that were missed as a result of their participation.  It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements for make-up work with the instructor prior to any missed scheduled examinations or other missed assignments. (See 2020-2021 SMU Undergraduate Catalog under “Enrollment and Academic Records/Excused Absences.”)

Final Exams

Final course examinations shall be given in all courses where appropriate, and some form of final assessment is essential. Final exams and assessments must be administered as specified in the official examination schedule. Exams cannot be administered or due during the last week of classes or during the Reading Period. Syllabi must state clearly the form of the final exam or assessment, and the due date and time must match the official SMU exam schedule. Final exams are not required to be provided online.



Student Support


Student Academic Success Programs

Students needing assistance with writing assignments for SMU courses may schedule an appointment with the Writing Center through Canvas. Students who would like support for subject-specific tutoring or success strategies should contact SASP, Loyd All Sports Center, Suite 202; 214-768-3648;

Caring Community Connections Program

CCC is a resource for anyone in the SMU community to refer students of concern to the Office of the Dean of Students. The online referral form can be found at After a referral form is submitted, students will be contacted to discuss the concern, strategize options, and be connected to appropriate resources. Anyone who is unclear about what steps to take if they have concerns about students should either consult the CCC Reference Guide or contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 214-768-4564.


Optional language


Campus Carry Law

In accordance with Texas Senate Bill 11, also known as the ‘campus carry’ law, and following consultation with entire University community, SMU chooses to remain a weapons-free campus. Specifically, SMU prohibits possession of weapons (either openly or in a concealed manner) on campus. For more information, please see: