Support the Emerald Isle Development


I am a resident of Dallas's greater Casa Linda area. This is the part of Dallas roughly bounded by Northwest Highway to the north, I-30 to the south, and White Rock Lake and White Rock Creek to the west, and the city limits to the east.

A strong opposition dominates many area debates.

Sometimes the opposition is well warranted. For example, strong opposition scuttled a sleazy bar from operating near stable neighborhoods and a day care center.

However, some debates have serious repercussions. Strong opposition scuttled improvements of the local Dixon Branch channel and even prevented discussion of alternatives. Had the improvements gone through, 60 homes may not have been damaged in spring 2006 floods.

This web site discusses a particularly obnoxious opposition campaign to a $50 million condo tower. This campaign's hyperbole and deceit really angers me. If the opposition succeeds, the area will squander a huge boost and will be rightfully branded as an intolerant and close-minded community that is content with stagnation.

We can do better than delivering a reflexive, thoughtless "no" to any change.

This site is dedicated to challenging the anti-change mindset, and in particular, confronting deceitful anti-condo tactics.