Support the Emerald Isle Development


Josh Theodore

As a Dallas resident for over 30 years, including the last 8 in the Lake Park Estates neighborhood of east Dallas (I am the Treasurer for Lake Park Estates Neighborhood Association), I am extremely excited about the potential development that the Emerald Isle mixed-use will bring to our neighborhoods, White Rock Lake and East Dallas. Like many others, I was originally concerned with the initial 25-story plan for the development, but over the past few months I have become a strong proponent for this project. The developers and designers are listening to sensible, yet progressive voices in the community. Mark Miller, in particular, is an east Dallas resident, knows the tremendous assets this part of Dallas has, and I am sure he does not wish to destroy a community and lake he so richly enjoys. With positive community input, the design for this project could make Emerald Isle an icon that further defines our city and what it means to live in east Dallas.

East Dallas along Garland Road is SLOWLY crawling out of 20-30 years of neglect. We should be mindful that the things we complain about the most - crime, roadways, and a short supply of quality restaurants and retail - may not be addressed without the large infusion of capital being planted into this seed project. Emerald Isle will not be a panacea, but with community support and direction it could be the start of something truly wonderful for our neighborhoods. With the success of Emerald Isle, we have the ability to effect change in a way that best suits our neighborhoods, city, and region.

Unfortunately, the negative voices always seem to get the most press on issues like this, so I would like to respond to some of the erroneous banter flying around -- emails and letters that twist and skew the facts of what this project is about. It may be that people are letting their passions get the better part of their sensibilities. Specifically:

Additionally, but equally as important to the revitalization of east Dallas, is the redevelopment of Casa Linda. The potential for these two projects, while not hand-in-hand, brings the possibility of close to $100,000,000 being spent on the Garland Road corridor from Casa Linda to the Spillway. That type of money and effort, with proper community guidance, brings improvements to east Dallas on unprecedented levels... it may even help with the Arboretum's fundraising efforts to alleviate its parking shortage!

Joshua A. Theodore
Senior Vice President

M. W.

We own a house in Little Forrest Hills that we lived in for a couple years and now keep it as a rental property. We now live on the other side of the lake in a conservation district built of houses that warrant being conserved.

My wife and I were tired of seeing dollar stores and nail salons popping up while the neighborhood resisted any changes. We also did not believe in Little Forrest Hills becoming a conservation district. There are very few houses in the neighborhood that warrant conservation.  We do believe the neighborhood might be one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Dallas , but the houses do not contribute to this beauty in any way.

It boggles my mind how people in this area are so against positive changes.

We are nature lovers and utilize the lake just about every weekend. I would oppose this project if the building was ugly and did not blend in with the surroundings from an architectural stand point, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with the new drawings.

The Emerald development would bring so many positive things to the east side.

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M. W.