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Development Map

This page shows a map of the immediate vicinity of White Rock Lake and possible land uses. Only the un-highlighted areas have a reasonable shot of redevelopment anytime soon. These areas are near the Gaston Rd./Garland Rd., Emerald Isle Drive/Garland Rd., and Northwest Highway/W. Lawther Dr. intersections.
White Rock Lake area development map


Blue: stable neighborhoods, churches, schools, and other small businesses that support the neighborhoods. These are unlikely to ever redevelop barring massive societal shifts.

Red: parklands that are ineligible for private development.

Yellow: businesses or shopping centers that are unlikely repurposing candidates or whose current purposes would be enhanced by moneyed residents. NOTE: the Northcliff Shopping Center should be yellow, but limitations in my tool prevent me from doing this.

Teal: Properties that are unlikely to sell and/or change purpose anytime soon because of one or more of these reasons:

  1. They generate stable cash flows for the owners. (Safe investment like a conservative stock that pays dividends.)
  2. Owners are oriented towards cash flows (defined in item 1) and are unlikely to sell.
  3. They are recently developed, and it is not economically feasible to redevelop.

Uncolored: Dilapidated or older apartments, dilapidated liquor stores, or other areas that could be open for redevelopment. Pictures.