Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Mustang Band all about?

A: The Mustang Band is the athletic and special events band for Southern Methodist University. The band is composed of students from all areas of campus and is known as the "Hub of SMU Spirit".

Q: What happens during the fall?

A: Band members arrive a week before classes begin to work on music and marching fundamentals. During this time, the band begins learning the 3 or 4 different half-time shows that are performed during the season. We march at all home football games as well as a couple of away games. During Homecoming, the band produces the "Pigskin Revue" (see below)

Q: What is the Mustang Band's musical and marching style?

A: The Mustang Band's roots are in jazz; the band was the first collegiate band to perform swing music on the football field. We still honor that tradition with several swing or swing-style charts each year, but the repertoire is constantly updated with newer tunes. All our music is custom-written; the vast majority is written specifically for us. The band utilizes a high step marching style which helps distinguish us from many other collegiate bands.

Q: What is Pigskin Revue?

A: Pigskin Revue is a musical performance which features the Mustang Band playing several songs along with singing, dancing, comedy, and other talented acts from SMU faculty, staff, and students. The revue is rehearsed throughout the week of Homecoming and performed on Friday night.

Q: What happens during the spring?

A: From mid-November to March, the Mustang Band plays for men's and women's home basketball games at Moody Coliseum. (During the semester break, alumni will join current members at the basketball games.) Trips to the C-USA basketball tournament or NCAA tournaments take place in the spring. The band also plays for various campus events, including Founder's Day (in April).

Q: What about traveling with the band?

A: Besides the two or three regular-season football trips, the band attends any championship or bowl game to which the Mustangs are invited. A smaller group attends the conference basketball tournament each year, as well as any NCAA Tournament games featuring our men's or women's teams. These road trips are paid for by the band and/or the University. When necessary, band members are excused from classes to participate in these events.

Q: Who are band members?

A: Band members come from all majors and backgrounds. Usually, they join during their first year at SMU, but many join later during their time at SMU. Most of the members come from the schools of Engineering and Business, but virtually all areas of campus are represented within the membership.

Q: Does the band offer scholarships?

A: Yes! Scholarships are awarded based on the student's ability and the instrument needs of the band. An audition is required prior to receiving a scholarship, and any band member or potential member is welcome to audition for a scholarship.

Upcoming Events

  • August 16: Band Camp Begins!
  • August 22: Performancae at Stampede, 5:00 pm
  • August 25: Performance at Convocation, 5:45 pm


Did you know...

The Mustang Band has over 32 uniform combinations. The band has blue, red, and candystripe jackets and vests, blue and white slacks, and blue and red ties.