Contact Information

(214) SMU-BAND

[(214) 768-2263]

Getting in touch with the staff:

Tommy Tucker, Interim Director: 214-768-3270,

Jon Lee, Drumline Instructor: 214-768-2637,


Upcoming Events

    Memorial Service for Bob Brandenberger: April 16, 2:00 pm, Dallas Country Club (private concert)

    Diamond M Club Annual General Memberhip Meeting: April 17, 11:00 am, Van Meter Plaza (Bring your own lunch)

    Mustang Band Final Spring Concert: April 17, 1:00 pm, Van Meter Plaza


Did you know...

The Mustang Band has over 32 uniform combinations. The band has blue, red, and candystripe jackets and vests, blue and white slacks, and blue and red ties.